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Aziz In Foreıgn Lands PDF

Ercan Gürova

Aziz goes out to the balcony to get some fresh air. He isnt interested in the new year party any more. There are other things on his mind. He dreams of travelling far from his home town, İstanbul. He wants to see new places and people. The magical word on his mind is adventure. While Aziz is thinking about his imaginary plan, his girlfriend Carla comes near him with a smile on her face. What are you doing here all alone? Why dont you come back? The new year countdown is about to start! Carla says. Aziz loves Carla and doesnt want to ruin the night, so he agrees to go back inside to celebrate the new year with his friends.
Next day, when Aziz wakes up to the first day of the year at about 12 oclock he gets his mobile phone and starts writing messages to Carla on whatsapp. Good morning look great today. How did I know? Because you look great everyday Aziz writes and adds with a heart and a smiling emoticon. Soon, a new message appears on the screen. Good morning, handsome. Thank you for the nice words. Did you sleep well? Or were you too busy dreaming about you and me? Hehe. Carla writes. Then, Aziz decides to share his new plan with Carla. He sends a message by saying Listen, sweetheart. I need to say something to you. Shall we do something crazy and take a trip to somewhere? Carla answers back Like Paris or London? Aziz makes a sour face and continues No, darling. I want to get away from crowded cities. I want to see somwhere natural, exciting and mysterious. Like Mongolia. Carlas reply is quick and sharp What? Are you out of your mind? Please tell me it is a joke. Aziz feels discouraged and upset so he changes the subject and asks her to meet in the evening for a dinner at Carlas favourite restaurant.
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Sayfa Sayısı: 26

Baskı Yılı: 2016

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: Gece Kitaplığı

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